Don NguyenDesigner, Producer
A designer with a need to bring new experiences to others, Don has worked with several development teams to bring projects to completion.

Brad Silva-CarlosHR Generalist
Brad is a Human Resource Generalist with a focus on recruitment. Brad takes enjoyment in the difficult task of finding the right candidate for the right job.

Lily XiaArtist
Lily is an Industrial Designer and Illustrator from Toronto. Storytelling through illustration and design is her philosophy.

Jecinda LomondArtist/Animator
Jecinda is an animator and illustrator with a passion for bringing her art to life.

Josh CookSound Designer, Composer
A music enthusiast continually searching for ways to challenge himself as a musician. Check out his Song A Week series on YouTube!

Scott BrookbankProgrammer
Scott is a programmer and avid video game player. He once ate an entire packet of Kraft Dinner cheese, but swears those days are behind him now.

Jeremy HullWriter
Writer’s bio goes here! Check back soon!